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CMA designs, procures, deploys and importantly maintains business critical network systems and infrastructure for the Small to Medium Business (SMB) sector across Australia.

CMA do not provide services to the retail consumer market, only the corporate market.

Which means that you can feel confident that the solutions proposed have considered the critically of the technologies and reliance that our clients businesses have on the platform being deployed. CMA consider the “Big Picture” and ongoing service relationship and its obligations, we do not look for quick sales or solutions on a one-off basis.

For over a decade we have deployed projects and solutions for business networks ranging in size from 10 workstations through to 425 workstations distributed across all areas of Australia and New Zealand.

CMA’s vastly experienced team of IT professionals are driven and rewarded to service YOUR needs, whenever our expertise might be required- 24x7.

CMA understand that your business is driven by:

  • Servicing YOUR clients needs
  • Improving your productivity
  • And like every business (ours included) ultimately increasing your profitability.
CMA appreciate that your IT investment is significant.

The investment in Operating Capital has been made to assist your businesses goals.

CMA design our solutions to meet and exceed your expectations just as if we were investing our own monies towards your desired End Result.

Being a Services Driven business that integrates solutions, the products recommended are not chosen by profit margin motives, or the least cost, they are selected taking into all factors of our responsibility to Deliver On Our Promises.

CMA’s client base and expertise is extremely broad as a result of our longevity in the IT Services Market. This is reflected by the nationwide physical services infrastructure, varying industry sectors being serviced, technologies that we have deployed and solutions delivered.

CMA will always only present to you what we do know, NOT what we don’t know or hope to one day.

Our methodologies are tried and proven.

For each Project, we undertake a significant pre-project review to ensure that all key requirements are identified, allowing the design process to be undertaken, where our technical consultants collaborate on the final technical solution.

This ensures that all factors are thoroughly considered by multiple skilled technical consultants prior to a recommendation being presented. It is not just a single individuals skills and experiences being harnessed, but over 100 years of collective IT Services experience.

Crucially, the commercial business considerations and options are reviewed by senior management. This ensures that your individual solution to your needs will attain the desired result, and that CMA are able to deliver on our promises at all levels.

CMA view our clients as “Partners”, and we ask that you consider ourselves as an extension of your own team.