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Your IT vendors from cma

CMA’s solutions and our ability to support the technology deployed is determined by two factors:
Firstly: The quality, reliability, support channels and suitability of the chosen product.

Secondly: CMA’s technical competence and ability to effectively support the technology in the field. This is determined by training/communication channels with the respective vendor/manufacturer/developer.

Given that CMA’s focus is as an Infrastructure Service Provider and our reputation is reliant on the products we recommend, CMA undertakes a comprehensive evaluation process of all vendors, prior to recommending their product.

When a product is recommended by CMA, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we are not reliant on what the Marketing Department has presented, nor what is the “special of the month” and that we have every confidence that the product will operate as per its presented features within your business.

Of course, CMA is still able to support most vendors products effectively, which means that any existing investment or any direct supply relationships can be maintained within your operations.

The value provided by purchasing product via CMA includes:

  • Competitive pricing (as CMA’s focus is providing services) and you can leverage our buying power for the benefit of all CMA clients.
  • Streamlined communication channels directly with our alliance vendors to ensure the most timely rectification possible of each service order.
  • Greater stability, performance, availability and functionality as our alliance vendors products are very well known by all CMA technical consultants.
CMA’s technical consultants have either been directly trained and accredited by the respective vendor, or have instant access to support channels provided by the alliance vendor and peers within CMA.

Key Vendor Alliance Partners

At the end of the day, CMA’s most important product are the Services we provide effectively “gluing” together the respective vendors products and technologies into the SOLUTION that meets your business needs.