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Server Consolidation & Server Virtualisation

Consolidation is a key part of todays IT strategy for businesses of all sizes and demands.

CMA provide system consolidation by incorporating IBM System x Hardware and VMware technologies to deliver results through virtualization.

Virtualization enables the sharing of hardware which can then be allocated to multiple virtual environments; thereby maximizing the cost effective utilization of the IT infrastructure.

IBM BladeCentres offer the best solution as a platform to grow with the needs of your business.

BladeCentre solutions provide the benefits of;
  • Flexible, scalable design
  • High availability with robust reliability and resilient redundancy
  • Shared infrastructure resources
  • Consolidated and centralized management
  • Reduced power, thereby reducing your carbon footprint
  • Less cables and less physical space requirements
  • Less physical systems to manage

VMware virtulization delivers;  

  • Server consolidation and containment
    • Increase Server utilization rates from 5-15% to 60-80%
  • Test and development optimization
    • Rapid provisioning of new equipment by using pre-configured systems
  • Business continuity
    • High availability solutions enabling an entire system to be run as a single file which can then be deployed / recovered to a target server
  • Enterprise desktop
    • Secure delivery of critical desktops without compromising user autonomy 

 The following diagram illustrates the VMware virtualization model.