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IT Consulting Service

CMA specialize in providing comprehensive IT consulting services & solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. CMA’s real value is obtained when we are able to provide a Complete Solution across all aspects of your IT Infrastructure.   To provide any solution, CMA undertakes the following due-deligence process to ensure that we consider all of your unique variables and business drivers.

Its the attention to the details that makes the difference.

1)  Initial "get to know you", or exploratory session. 

This is where both companies are provided with the opportunity to discuss their history, current partnerships and or issues, future requirements, budgets and expectations or anything else prudent.   On the assumption that both parties agree that there is merit taking the "next step" towards a business partnership, the initial commercial engagement takes place in the form of Ad-Hoc Standard Support Blocks. 

2)  Consultancy and or Design Phase.

CMA undertakes a technical review of your existing IT infrastructure and reviews any existing documentation available.   During this phase CMA would ascertain, not only today's requirements but importantly that projected for the future.   CMA's engineering team would then collaborate and  prepare a  Network Review Report, which would form the basis of our ability to provide ongoing support services.   Within this document, CMA would note the levels of current risk, areas for improvement and a Site Specific Services Agreement for your consideration.   Fee's that are incurred via Support Blocks within this phase, are reimbursed on the implementation of CMA's Site Services Agreement.
3)  Procurement and Preparation Phase.

A significant factor behind CMA's success in maintaining overall system and network availability is the degree of preparation and testing performed, prior to the physical deployment of any server based product or solution.   All equipment is pre-configured to your specific network requirements within CMA's office's, fully documented, bench-tested and simulated Disaster Recovery of entire system is performed.   This ensures that when equipment is installed within your network it is "ready to go", and in the rare instances when a failure or issues does arise, we are well prepared to minimise any disruption to your business activities.

4)  Deployment Phase.

Whilst CMA does have long term relationships with agents across Australia, the initial deployment of your solution is typically performed be our directly employed engineers.   This ensures that CMA has a sound understanding of each site, and any subsequent field servicing required is managed via our own engineers with our agents in the field acting as our "hands" as required. With the remote access capabilities of today's networks CMA's staff can effectively log-in remotely just as if we were there on site.
5)  Maintenance Phase.

Following the successful deployment of new technology, and or handing over of existing network management responsibilities CMA will have all aspects of your systems and network fully documented, ensuring that ALL CMA engineering staff  (in both Sydney & Melbourne) can provide assistance as it maybe required.   Contingent on the levels of Service Agreements accepted, CMA's senior management will meet weekly, monthly or quarterly to discuss strategic plans and observations to ensure that the system and network infrastructure is consistent with the changing dynamics and demands of your business.