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Your IT solutions from cma

Today’s networks are complex, and your business is becoming increasingly reliant on its constant availability.

To successfully deploy an IT infrastructure solution for your critical applications/data and maintain its availability you need:
  • A comprehensive understanding of your business and its drivers.
  • Broad and extensive experience within the IT and telecommunications sectors
  • Multiple specialist skill sets, with an emphasis on being able to communicate on both technical and non-technical matters.
  • Proven partnerships with manufacturers and other service providers of hardware/software/communications
  • The ability to understand what the specific primary business software applications are that determine your efficiencies in providing service to your clients, regardless of industry sector.
  • Experience to know how to deploy the new solution, and maintain network and application availability.
  • The highly skilled resources and processes to provide ongoing maintenance to ensure maximum uptime.
CMA provide all of this, and importantly can demonstrate how successfully we have done so with other projects.

Many of our clients have effectively “outsourced” their internal IT staff requirements, and utilize CMA’s resources as an On-Demand IT Department.

Conversely, CMA is just as adapt and flexible to work hand in hand with your internal IT team or other technology partners.

Think of CMA’s solutions as the platform for your businesses IT requirements.