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Graeme de Montfort – Managing Director and founder of CMA.

Graeme founded the CMA business in 1994 after a successful IT career working for large multi-national vendors and small business software development companies. Prior to the IT Industry, he held management roles within the finance and logistic industries.   He identified a void in the industry and set out to do it differently. Since 1994  it appears many 100's of clients appreciate his vision of how IT solutions should be designed and supported.

Currently responsible for the overall direction and strategy of CMA’s services. Graeme’s broad IT industry experience of 25+ years at many different levels, combined with his attention to detail and enthusiasm to attain an end result means he can rapidly identify issues and bring parties/solutions together.   The ability to quickly and accurately identify and understand complex business dynamics/IT issues and transforming these needs into an IT infrastructure solution continues to be a valuable asset to the CMA team. Analysing and explaining the cost/benefits with business considerations first and foremost has always been the method.  

Availability, Simplicity and Cost Justification are his driving considerations,  not technology for the sake of technology.